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            Hello, glad to share more info about my latest audiobook experiences.  I always look for book titles that will intrigue and engage                                        my audiobook listeners.  These are some of my featured audiobooks: 


                    Audiobook Just Out:  The Innocent Children - Human trafficking book focusing on the sex traffickers.                     
                                                        Exposing a world-wide conspiracy to kidnap and enslave children (both male and female) in the sex trade.
                   New Audiobook:        Just started working on audiobook describing total female domination in absolute relationship.  Should be                                                                      really exciting.  Will be ready in a few weeks unless involved with other problems.                                                                                                                                           

           Non-Featured Audiobook:    DRACULA
                                                        This is the Real Original story written by Irish author Bram Stoker in 1897 and read by Yours Truly (me).                                              
          Again I have had a book cancelled by Audible, claiming copyright irregularities.  This time it's this Dracula book.  How can Dracula be wrong?
          He's probably in the basement right now sharpening his teeth.  Audiobook is no longer available.

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                                                    All the books listed on this website are narrated by me. 

  I got an email from these people in Hollywood and they wanted me to come out there for some work. Normally I would jump at a chance like this but no way I'm getting on one of those lunatic airline flights.  I've read too many horror stories about air travel these days.

Currently working on gay take-off on very popular movie title audiobook.  Should be completed in few weeks.  Stop right here, I have been told not to release this book.  Not sure if this is threat or just warning from certain industry leaders.  What they say - goes.  I gave up on this.  They won't budge and neither will I.  So that's it for that.

Well now I've got a whole list of things they want changed in the audiobook.  Not only that but they want me to do all these changes for free.  I wrote to them that I want $500 to make all these changes.  They're saying I should do all this extra work without any additional compensation.  Too bad all this is happening because it's really a good story with lots of m/m action.

For Sale Now:  Audio of film script revealing that Elvis Lives!

Ok, I have just latched onto a real good adventure book and I'm sure you will like my audio version.  I'm gonna check everything out carefully to make sure this book doesn't get cancelled like those other ones I told you about.  I'll eat a pickle if you don't like this one.

That's my audiobook news for now.  Stay well, stay safe, listen to audiobooks.   

                                                      All the best to you,

                                                           Roy Wells

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