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            Hello, glad to share more info about my latest audiobook experiences.  I always look for book titles that will intrigue and engage                                        my audiobook listeners.  These are some of my featured audiobooks: 

             I'm sorry that I cannot link directly to Audible but they will not allow me to do so.  Currently it is taking about 3 months to get a new audiobook
             out for sale.

                                Audiobook Just Out:  SEAL Team Bravo: Black Ops-Afghan Storm

                                                                    A U.S. Navy SEAL team kicks ass and takes names during rescue operations in Afghanistan.

                           Audiobook Coming Soon:  DRACULA

                                                                    This is going to be the Real Original story by author Bram Stoker and read by Yours Truly (me).
                                                                    Update:  Audiobook is completed and currently in vetting process.                                 

                                             Audiobook:   Trapped

                                                                    Love story that starts in a laundromat and gets to a special club for lovers.


                                               Audiobook:  Best Boots I Ever Ate

                                                                   Since I used to live in Alaska, I had a great time narrating this book.  Story takes place in fictional
                                                                   town of Hootlani, Alaska around the year 1903, when the gold-rush is just starting to wind down.
                                                                   Each chapter features a different character from the town of Hootlani.  Very funny overall.

                                               Audiobook: Manson's Last Disciple

                                                             This is really something else.  The author takes the real Charles Manson story, adds another fictional
                                                               character to the story, and expands the events, adding more blood and gore to the real Charles Manson
                                                               story. Bloody and gory but fun to follow.

Oh, BTW that reminds me, I also narrated a short book titled Charles Manson  which is a straight-forward bio of the guy.  Don't worry, good 'ol  Charlie passed away in 2017 while in prison.

Special Classified Info:  If you are a fan of the SEAL Team Bravo - Black Ops series of audiobooks, I just made a deal with the publishers for three additional titles.  But keep this on the downlow.                                                                                    

That's my audiobook news for now.  Stay well, stay safe, listen to audiobooks.  


                                                      All the best to you,

                                                           Roy Wells


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