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            Hello, glad to share more info about my latest audiobook experiences.  I always look for book titles that will intrigue and engage                                        my audiobook listeners.  These are some of my featured audiobooks: 

                            Featured Audiobook:  SEAL Team Bravo: Black Ops-Afghan Storm                                                                                                                                                              U.S. Navy SEAL team kicks ass and takes names during rescue operations in Afghanistan.

                            Featured Audiobook:  DRACULA
                                                                    This is the Real Original story by Irish author Bram Stoker (1897) and read by Yours Truly (me).
                                                  I just looked over at and see they have 14 pages of Dracula books;  so mine is in middle of page 8.

      New Audiobooks just out for sale:   01-06-21 A Twisted Journey Into The Controversial Trump Rally
Written by a reporter who actually attended that now famous rally in Washington, DC.  Narrated by me.

                                                             Against Democracy - New Preface
Philosophical arguments and reasoning by a noted Professor of Philosophy.
                                                          **Special Note:  I have been notified that sales of this audiobook were suspended for legal issues.

                                                             Black Sun
Origins and reasons behind extremist thought and actions, written by a University professor of history.
                                                        Similar to the above, I have also been notified of suspension of sales for this book.  What the hell is going on?                                                         

             As of right now ALL of my audiobooks (192) are available for sale thru  Happy Listening!
                                                    All the books listed on this website are narrated by me. 


Oh, BTW that reminds me, I also narrated a short book titled Charles Manson  which is a straight-forward bio of the guy.  Don't worry, good 'ol  Charlie passed away in 2017 while in prison.

Special Classified Info:  If you are a fan of the SEAL Team Bravo - Black Ops series of audiobooks, I just made a deal with the publishers for three additional titles.  But keep this on the downlow.   Several of these books are now classified, no further info available.

Red-Hot News:  I have a new audiobook just out.  The author is a professor of Philosophy.  This book is currently not available for sale.  Title:  Against Democracy - New Preface   by Professor Jason Brennan.
This book has been suspended from further sales. My audiobook Black Sun has also been suspended. I don't know what's going on here.

Well, I warned you that some of this stuff is dangerous to deal with. I've had an experience where I had to contact the Feds about how to proceed.  Some new material will be coming soon.  Very controversial stuff, just wait and see.

I'm still plugging away, looking for some really good manuscripts to turn into audiobooks that my customers will enjoy.  For some reason it's taking a long time to get answers and check on legal status of potential audiobooks.  If I could get quicker answers to my queries, I'd have some good material for you.  But I'll keep hunting.

That's my audiobook news for now.  Stay well, stay safe, listen to audiobooks.  

                                                      All the best to you,

                                                           Roy Wells

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