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            Hello, glad to share more info about my latest audiobook experiences.  I always look for book titles that will intrigue and engage                                        my audiobook listeners.  These are some of my featured audiobooks: 

                  Featured Audiobook:   Ripped From the Headlines !    A story of total corruption in U.S. Government, from the President on down.  
             Audiobook Burning Up:    Audiobook describing total female domination in absolute relationship.  Really exciting.  Lots of spanking/sex. 

            Non-Featured Audiobook:    DRACULA
                                                        This is the Real Original story written by Irish author Bram Stoker in 1897 and read by Yours Truly (me).                                              
          Again I have had a book cancelled by Audible, claiming copyright irregularities.  This time it's this Dracula book.  How can Dracula be wrong?
          He's probably in the basement right now sharpening his teeth.  Audiobook is no longer available.

          I've just been notified that the book about Einstein's theory of relativity has been cancelled and my excellent audio version of that book is no                    longer available.  I think there's a plot against me.   All I can say to that is E=mc squared.  Maybe the equation was wrong?                                                                            

             As of right now ALL of my audiobooks (192) are available for sale thru  Happy Listening!
                                                    All the books listed on this website are narrated by me.

I found a new travel book that tells you where NOT to travel.  This might be very interesting.  More on this soon.   Forget about it!  Fell apart.

 I latched onto a real good sexy adventure book and I'm sure you will like my audio version.  Bare-bottom long hard spankings, BDSM activities.

That's my audiobook news for now.  Stay well, stay safe, listen to audiobooks.   

                                                      All the best to you,

                                                           Roy Wells

                          Don't forget, I've got 192 other audiobooks to choose from.

                                                          Some are a little on the racey & raucus side

                                                             Happy & Prosperous New Year to All !!